Why it pays to keep things simple

Every industry has it. Every customer or employee has had to fight the urge to adopt it. Jargon. The secret language we use to develop shorthand and help things run quicker, or to show how clever and knowledgeable we are. It might make it easier to get things done quickly in a work environment and when we’re talking to people with the same interests, but when we’re talking to customers it’s usually best to nip it in the bud.

It is something two of the biggest tech giants in the world are finding out about cloud servers.

Look at the back of the computer you’re using right now. There’s a good chance it could have one of these companies logo on the back; HP and Dell. Both firms dominate the PC market as well as server hardware. Yet they’re finding the transition to the cloud a little harder.

What is a Cloud Server? Well, you start with a physical server. On top of that you create a number of standalone cloud servers. Each has its own RAM, CPU power, is completely isolated and independent but, using a process called virtualisation, sits on top of this secure physical server.

It is ideal for people who want to host a number of different websites in one secure space, for whatever reason. Providers, like Intrahost, offer a number of flexible and bespoke deals for you to rent the space and have your own Cloud Server.

You would imagine that HP and Dell would do well out of this new technology. However some claim they are struggling to gain purchase and argue it is because their message is not consistent. A range of products, targeted at different audiences, products launched at different times and then branded together; it makes it harder for customers to figure out which product is right for them.

There might be another reason which often puts customers off; language.

Launching a new technology product should be easy. You see a gap or a need in the market; you sell the product to those who have that need. Market Economics 101. Yet jargon can make that a difficult process. You have to make it clear exactly what it is the new technology does, you have to break it down and keep it simple. Without that, potential customers are just put off.

Intrahost only hires staff who know what they are talking about. Industry analysts and experts who have a huge knowledge base and have helped to develop Intrahost’s, well, knowledgebase. It is an online zone designed to answer any questions, provide articles and information about the industry and is ideal for new, potential and existing customers who want to learn more about the technology.

But importantly, customers can suggest ideas for the knowledgebase. What does that mean? It makes it easier for Intrahost to understand what elements of the technology customers are tapping into, what their understanding is and how they want it to work for them. Customer service isn’t just about dealing with problems, instead it is about understanding and providing what the customer needs. The knowledgebase helps to provide that crossover. Also, by staying in touch with our customers regularly we find it easier to track their reactions and ideas in terms of technology.

Providing new technology means keeping it simple. If we know that a technology is going to change how you work or make it easier for you to manage your IT needs it’s up to us to tell you why, but to do that we have to get the message across as clearly and openly as possible. If you're using a cloud server to host client or friend's websites then it's an important lesson to learn and pass on.