Why Good Hosting Technical Support Is Critical

There are thousands of web hosting companies available. Each hosting provider has their pros and cons, however, one of the most important aspects of a web hosting company is technical support.  A robust hosting infrastructure with high availability and backed-up by a first class dedicated technical support team will remain successful. Although, many customers choose their hosting solution by price, this is not always the best choice. Visit the realms of social media, where you’ll find an abundance of dissatisfied customers, complaining about the level of customer service.

Regardless of your business, customer service is the public image that’s represented to the customer and the everyone else you communicate with. Technical support teams that are resourceful, polite and respond in record time are seen as a caring brand.

Web Hosting Technical Support must be always available

Customers love options. At Intrahost, we have a variety of ways that customers can contact us.

You can contact Intrahost by:

  • Support ticket
  • Sales Telephone Line 0800 321 3812
  • Support Telephone Line 0845 680 3812
  • Email – support@intrahost.co.uk
  • Twitter @intrahostltd
  • Live chat - coming 2012

Web Hosting Fast and Friendly Support™

At Intrahost, we believe in Fast and Friendly Support™, where we’re available 24/7 to assist you with your enquiries.

Now it's your turn

Interested to learn more about our Fast and Friendly Support™? Why not contact Intrahost, about your hosting needs and see how we can help you.