What to do if your traffic spikes?*

*Or, what happens when all your dreams come true? Let us be brutally frank. Every scrap of work you do today is about getting people to visit your website. You want people to read something pithy and erudite you’ve written on Twitter or to click a link you’ve posted on LinkedIn to a portfolio piece and you want them to visit your website. There they will read about what you do and, most importantly, how you see yourself. Then, they might want to work with you or hire you.

Whether employed, self-employed, freelance, contracting, or just getting your profile out there for the fun of it, this is why you have a website. If you’re using a cloud server to host websites for your clients then it’s probably the reason they have a website as well.

But what if all your dreams come true and suddenly hundreds and thousands of people flood to your site? Quids in? Probably not, actually, if you have a limit on your monthly traffic allowance.

Picture the scene. Say you’re a designer. You’ve just finished  a video of your work and you post online. A few contacts retweet it and link to the portfolio. Then a trade title picks it up and retweets it to their 3,000 followers. Then it’s picked up by one of the Twitter celebs like Stephen Fry or Derren Brown and retweeted to their millions of followers. The limit on your website means it goes down and no one else can view it. A wasted opportunity.

It could be something on a much smaller scale, but much more serious. Imagine you’ve been invited to talk at a conference. It’s a big opportunity and you want to be able to gain as much mileage as you can. Will your Cloud Server be able to cope with hundreds of people clicking on your url at the same time? If not it can damage your profile and ability to take advantage of these opportunities to extend your job opportunities.

If you want to host your website on a Cloud Server, and want to be able to do the same either for clients or a few websites you maintain then you need to ask the question about monthly traffic figures.

At Intrahost you can pick from a number of different deals and packages to suit your needs. But no matter the CPU Power, the Disk Space or the guaranteed memory you opt for you will always get unmetered monthly traffic.

Whether you blog, tweet, post on Facebook or LinkedIn, write guest articles or simply promote yourself through advertising, your aim is always to push traffic through your website. Why opt for a flexible and bespoke solution like a Cloud Server and then sign up to a deal that doesn’t allow you to grow your profile. Sign up to the wrong deal and you could end up hobbling yourself.