What is Business Class Hosting?

Although many businesses purchase web hosting, there is a substantial difference between standard hosting and business class hosting. Business class web hosting solutions are frequently used for businesses that require zero downtime. Large corporations, high traffic e-Commerce websites and mission critical applications solely depend on high availability solutions. Businesses like Amazon.com require high availability solutions and zero downtime. If the Amazon website had 60 minutes downtime – it's scary to consider how many potential sales Amazon would lose in a single hour. Amazon and eBay are very popular resources for books, CD’s, DVDs and other products. Both of these websites need highly redundant servers in place to reduce server downtime.

High Availability Solutions

Complex hosting solutions is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Load Balancing is a popular example of high availability. This is where multiple machines share the web hosting burden without one server becoming overwhelmed.

Load Balancing is a critical necessity for any website that receives large numbers of visitors or processes a vast number of database transactions.

Cloud based applications including: Google Analytics, Google AdWords, SalesForce and Skype are dependent on high availability. At one given time there could be thousands of web users on one Cloud based application.

Another added benefit of Load Balancing is that servers can be taken down for maintenance without any downtime to the service.  Cloud based applications like SalesForce are constantly improving their service. This can be implemented with zero time to the end user.


High Availability Clusters (which are also known as HA Clusters or Fail-over Clusters) are computers clustered together to create a high availability solution.  Generally Cluster Servers are a minimum of two servers clustered together. High Availability Clusters are used as a redundant back-up. For instances, server one is the most frequently used server if this server fails, then server two takes over and keeps the online presence up and running without the end-user noticing.

Now on a regular server with no fail-over system, the website would be offline – making the website inaccessible. For a mission critical business process this would be unacceptable.

Service Level Agreement

Although, high availability hosting is available – this doesn't guarantee 100% server and network up-time. A number of hosting companies promise a 100% Service Level Agreement. Its not humanly possible to provide 100% up-time.

It makes sense to search for a hosting company that offers between 99.9 % – 99.99% server and network time.

Interested in highly reliable web hosting?

Business hosting is an asset to your business. A number of web sites would see a significant loss in profits and productivity if their servers failed.

Its important to invest in business class hosting with minimum downtime, with multiple resources available, dedicated technical telephone support that is fast and friendly.