Intrahost Launch The Virtual Data Centre – The Ultimate Hosting Solution

Introducing the Virtual Data Centre (VDC) by Intrahost. Now you can have complete control of your IT infrastructure without limitations. Never before have hosting customers had the opportunity to create on-demand fully scalable resources at an economic price.

Welcome to the Virtual Data Centre

The VDC lets you create, use, adjust and monitor your Virtual Data Centre through our secure control panel. If you are on the move, take advantage of our VDC iPhone App. Creating an IT infrastructure used to take weeks or months, but with the Intrahost Virtual Data Centre this is now achievable within minutes. Create multiple servers as and when you need them.

Massive resources available on demand

The Intrahost Virtual Data Centre has a pool of resources including: up to 32GB of RAM, up to 2TB of storage space and colossal levels of bandwidth is also available. There is no need to purchase multiple dedicated servers for a powerful solution – the Virtual Data Centre resource pool can handle even the most demanding websites and applications.

UK Based Web Hosting support

Intrahost Ltd is UK based. All of the data centres that we use are based in the north of England. Our 24/7 Fast and Family support team are located in East Yorkshire and are working around the clock to bring you the very best support available.

Best server hardware

We at Intrahost, only use the very best server hardware from Dell and HP. We also use top-quality Cisco hardware. Intrahost also provide a 99.99% SLA (service level agreement).

Save Money on your existing IT infrastructure

The Intrahost Virtual Data Centre operates on a Pay-As-You-Go basis. You are in complete control of your resources allowing you to save money. Businesses can save thousands per year on their existing IT infrastructure as there is no need to purchase expensive server hardware or employ a large team of IT staff.

"Real Cloud hosting, revolutionary Virtual Data Centre by Intrahost."

High Availability from 2 pence per hour

Intrahost’s Virtual Data Centre self-healing cloud technology is available from 2pence per hour. If you are looking to save money and have the very best in hosting scalability, contact Intrahost today.

Call now on 0800 321 3812 you will be glad that you did.