The top 20 Twitter feeds on The Cloud

If you like your cloud news in neat short, 140 character messages then look no further than Twitter. The micro-blogging site is fast becoming the no 1 resource for those looking to keep in touch with news sites and bloggers who can keep them up to date on their industry and any latest developments. It started as a site populated by tech addicts so it’s not surprising one of the most popular avenues and accounts are those that talk about technology updates, releases and developments.

If you want to keep up to date on news from the Cloud, here are the accounts we think you should follow.

@DellCloudSolutions Followers 14, 433 Bio: Headlines from the Dell blog featuring news, analysis and a forum for discussion Inevitably a little Dell focused but the account is updated regularly and shares non-Dell blogs. There are also regular requests to submit your own ideas for blogs posts which is a good profile raiser.

@BizCloudNews Followers 1,520 Bio: Keep up-to-date with the latest news on Cloud Computing, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, Virtualization, Content Delivery Networks and Unified Communications around the globe For those just looking for headlines and a straight news feed this account is ideal. It links straight to the Business Cloud news site. Simple, effective and no nonsense.

@MSCloud Followers 36,915 Bio: A source for cloud computing news and the latest on Microsoft cloud solutions like Windows Server Hyper-V, Windows Azure and Office 365. If you use Microsoft Cloud products, whether through a provider or independently then this feed helps keep you up to date on new developments and also troubleshooting. It shares news on other Microsoft products but don’t expect anything from any other source.

@Cloud_Comp_News Followers 3,951 Bio: Cloud computing news including Saas, Paas, infrastructure, virtualization and trends A straightforward no nonsense news feed that bridges the gap between London and Silicon Valley. More UK focused than many other feeds. It asks questions - and inevitably answers them themselves - as well as linking to news stories. Whitepapers are a good inclusion and offer a wider reading resource for trends and developments.

@Mashable Followers 2, 940, 314 Bio: The largest independent website talking about news, resources and technology updates. If you don’t follow Mashable you really should. Not Cloud specific, it’s much wider than that but it’s an engaging feed that offers a good overview of anything with a microchip in it. A great breaking technology news feed as well.

@TheCloudNetwork Followers 10, 557 Bio: Simply links to their other accounts and their news site Combining press releases with news stories it’s a good feed if you want an overview of what’s new and how the big names in Cloud are doing.

@TheTechGang Followers 10,074 Bio: A group of freelance reporters reporting for the IT Resource Network Essentially a directory for news articles and stories from the Cloud industry from a wide variety of resources. If you want to know what more than one voice is saying and get a good overview of the industry it’s a useful feed. However, they tweet A LOT so be warned.

@CloudNewsDaily Followers 401 Bio: “News of the day in Cloud Computing” The feed links to a clean looking blog site with news from all the global industry, even if they’re based in Florida. The blogs themselves are more interesting than the feed, which appears perfunctory rather than engaging and interactive.

@MSServerCloud Followers 45,732 Bio: More news from Microsoft Microsoft has as many Twitter feed as it has products. You don’t need to follow this as well as @MSCloud as they generally retweet the same articles. The MSServer blog is more about sharing the expertise of the team, instead of just tweeting about products so it’s a good knowledge resource. They also run competitions. Everyone loves free stuff!

@WorkintheCloud Folowers 4,673 Bio: Tweeting in the Cloud No website link so it’s difficult to know ether it’s an independent site or a sales push – not a greewat one with no website. They share press releases as well as news stories. A little overexcited use of hashtags but a regular feed that updates every hour or so.

@timoreilly Followers 1, 579, 596 Bio: Founder and CEO of O’Reilly Media Sometimes you don’t want a company or a bot you want a real human being. Tim o’Reilly is that human being. An overview of technology stories instead of just those covering the cloud but peerless in terms of sharing stories and adding a fresh perspective.

@CloudCommons Followers 631 Bio: Cloud news, trends, advice and resources A more community focused site that offers advice and videos instead of just news. They regularly ask followers for suggestions for their “tweetchats” meaning it’s more interactive than other feeds that regurgitate headlines. They do regularly video episodes of Cloud Views, good if you like your news in a film format, rather than just text.

@CNET Followers 238,682 Bio: tech product reviews, news, price comparisons CNET is probably your first port of call if you want an independent review of products – that or TechRadar. A price comparison site for tech heads with videos and podcasts it immerses itself in the technology world and doesn’t come up for air. Unashamedly geeky, exactly how it should be.

@ForbesTech Followers 568, 005 Bio: Tech news from the Forbes team Opinion, news, insight and well-respected bloggers. It isn’t all about the Cloud and it’s focus might be more on multi-nationals and big business than the one man band in many ways but still a must-visit for an overview and insight into the technology industry and the big players.

@Arstechnica Followers 376,119 Bio: news, review, analysis and expert advice. It can be difficult wading through the tech world. You know what you want and what you do but you aren’t sure of what happens outside your office. Ars Technica is the door that opens you into the wider world. News on new products sits alongside optinion pieces easily. They also retweet articles from other voices in the tech community.

@BBCClick Followers 2, 014, 541 Bio: The Twitter feed of the BBC’s tech show Again not just cloud focused but an overview of tech news from a trusted source. Click is one of the best tech shows around and it’s the BBC so, y'know, good.

@guardiantech Followers 1, 841484 Bio: News and comment from the Guardian technology team Does exactly what it says on the tin, really. News and comment from the technology reporters at the Guardian. Bish. Bash. Bosh.

@CloudExpo Followers 56, 314 Bio: The official Twitter feed on the Cloud Computing expo in Santa Clara, obviously. Yes it’s promotion, but what isn’t on Twitter? It links to blogs commenting on industry issues, tips and ideas as well as videos. You might not be heading to the Expo but it’s a good source for industry news. Also worth having a sneaky look at their follwoers list for others in the Cloud community.

@MaureenOGara Followers 2,033 Bio: Apparently the most read technology reporter for two decades. No. me neither Purely focused on Cloud Computing the rather inflated biog actually offers an insight into a Cloud news desk. As the News Desk Editor at Sys-Con Media the feed offers comment on breaking tech stories as well as new products. A good feed if you’re looking for international cloud stories in the mainstream and technology media. She also retweets a lot so you’re not just getting one voice.

@AdobeCreativeCloud Followers 51,852 Bio: A digital hub that is all about Adobe Creative 6 application. Perhaps a little specialist for some, and inevitably full of tips, tricks and techniques for Adobe users but also links to useful articles and websites as well as webinars to improve your practice.

And of course you have to follow @Intrahostltd because, well, why wouldn't you?