The revolution for web designers

There’s a revolution happening for web designers right now. HTML 5 is one of the most exciting developments for what designers will be able to offer clients. It’s a cross-platform mark-up language that will streamline and simplify the production of web content.

HTML, the web design standard, will usher in a new generation with its fifth incarnation due to drop in the next couple of years. Cross-platform programming, so removing the issue of sites looking different on the web, tablet or mobile, mobile device targeted so a more integrated and interactive offer for users as well as an open architecture making it easy to put your own stamp on the sites you build and an easier code making it feel less bulky will be a huge leap forward in online experience.

If you talk to a web designer right now, one of the big problems is the gap between creativity and delivery. Plug-ins like Flash and unwieldy and don’t work on every platform. You have to approach each job with a different set of tools. Imagine if a mechanic had to bring a different tool box to work on each car. They’d go crazy.

HTML5 will streamline all of this. Expect sites with video and audio integration, read a story, watch the video hear the audio on whatever device you’re using. The web will come alive.

While that revolution is taking place at the front end, another is happening at the back end. Cloud Computing, particularly web hosting using cloud servers for web designers will help them usher in a new mood in terms of online experience. The internet will be more personal. HTML5 will make it easier to interact and carry it with us on mobile device to mobile device with no restrictions on usability.

Using a Cloud Server a web designer can offer not only to design but to host a client’s site. Become a Hosted Exchange reseller and it becomes even easier to offer a client the opportunity to have their website cross-platform and cross-device. It’s personal and it’s bespoke, exactly in the same way HTML 5 is hoping to revolutionise web experience. You can scale the sites up, or you can scale them down meaning that cloud computing offers much more flexibility in terms of what you need.

A Cloud Server is a particularly elastic solution; chose the amount of space, CPU Power, memory depending on need. Security and support come as standard so in truth it will be like offering serviced office space online for your clients.

The developments in computing are creating a sea-change in how we interact with the web. The minute it became easier to have the Internet in our pocket via mobile devices it was inevitable that it would become more personal. HTML 5 will make the life of a web designer much easier and there is no longer any restraint on the creativity and integration they offer clients. At the back end being able to offer a similar approach using Cloud Servers means they can provide an holistic, interactive and bespoke service making the experience of web browsing more attuned to the needs of users.