The misconception of unlimited web hosting

Thousands of web hosting providers are available and many promise: unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space. It sounds fantastic, a web hosting company that provides unlimited resources, right? In this article we will expose the myths of unlimited web hosting. After reading this article, I’ll guarantee that you’ll have a better understanding of how the web hosting industry works.

The reality of Unlimited Web Hosting

The web hosting industry is extremely competitive. Many hosting companies offer unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space at a low price.

Take into account the cost of the: server equipment, cables, electricity, security systems, air conditioning, fire suppression systems, purchasing bandwidth and the remaining overheads to run a web hosting company, can a web hosting provider offer unlimited hosting? The answer is no.

Reasons why unlimited web hosting is advertised?

Unlimited web hosting is a marketing strategy to entice customers to purchase web hosting. To plan, build and develop a data centre (secure environment to host computer servers) costs millions. This is an enormous start-up cost for any business. A web hosting company needs to be making profit as soon as possible.

Let’s be realistic. If YouTube decided to move to a web hosting company that offers unlimited hosting, there is absolutely no way this would happen. YouTube spend millions of dollars on hosting bandwidth per month.

Web hosting companies that provide unlimited bandwidth realise that a majority of their customers only use a small amount of bandwidth (bandwidth is the amount of traffic your website or blog uses) each month. The chances of a small business being cut off due to exceeding bandwidth are slim.

When choosing a web hosting company that offers unlimited bandwidth make sure that you read the terms and conditions very carefully. Assess the requirements of your online presence.

What are your web hosting requirements?

Are you publishing videos online? Does your website have a huge number of visitors? Does your website use a lot of audio content? These are all factors to consider in the short-term, mid-term and the long-term.

If you have a high traffic website and your online presence is your main source of income, it is vital that you choose a web hosting package that states the monthly bandwidth allowance. If your web hosting package exceeds the monthly bandwidth allowance you may need to upgrade to a dedicated server.

Look at the terms and conditions carefully before purchasing a web hosting plan. Try and find a web hosting company that can accommodate a growing online presence.

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