The launch of Raspberry Pi, crashes websites

The Raspberry Pi, an incredibly cheap, low-spec, credit card sized computer board went on sale in late February 2012.  The huge demand of this £22 computer saw overwhelming interest, causing websites to crash. The miniature computer is packed with all the features to set up the most basic computer. The Raspberry Pi Project began in 2006, where variations of the product were made to produce the smallest size computer board possible.

The Raspberry Pi Model B includes:  256MB RAM CPU and all the ports to add a keyboard, monitor, internet access, speakers and power supply (all sold separately). This cost-cutting computer has amazingly already sold out.

In late 2012, the Raspberry Pi will target the Education sector, where tomorrow’s developers can learn more about programming basics. Plus the Raspberry Pi includes the open source Operating System Linux.

RS Components, Premier Farnell and the Raspberry Pi website has felt the strain from the heavy demands of potential customers.

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The Virtual Data Centre - on-demand hosting

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