Do re-sellers miss the biggest draw of the Cloud?

For a Hosted Exchange Reseller, the aim is to emphasise the strengths and potential of the Cloud. Streamlined service, cheaper outgoings, the ease of changing to a new system. These are often the first things that a reseller will discuss as they start their pitch. But are they selling everything about the Cloud? A Hosted Exchange Reseller is an individual or organisation that works with a Cloud Provider, like Intrahost, to as the name would suggest, re-sell their services. They become a sort of middle man, often using re-selling as a way to bolster their own income. If it is an individual already working and offering online services, like a web designer or business support, then Hosted Exchange is a logical step as it can integrate a business and become an added, yet integrated, strand of their own company.

The Cloud might be the most significant shift happening in business behaviour right now, with the biggest growth happening in small to medium businesses but it’s still not the easiest sell. Changing or adopting a new technology can be a big decision for a firm, particularly one that might have felt battered by the recession. For a re-seller it becomes vital, therefore to help to sell the benefits and how it will impact their business positively.

Security is always a huge element. A provider like Intrahost uses external data centres. As well as the online security in place such as firewalls and filtering systems to prevent spam and viruses there is the physical security in the data centre itself like CCTV and protection from the elements.

Being able to change from the old physical server currently taking up space in the office to a new cloud based system, and being able to it quickly, effectively with all material backed up, is also appealing. The last thing any firm wants is for it to take days and for their staff to be offline while it happens.

Plenty of storage space as well as triple hosting, which is what is offered by Intrahost, is appealing for any company wanting to improve the communications within their team. Intrahost offers up to 10 email aliases per mailbox. With shared calendars contacts and tasks it means staff can work on the go or even from home. The flexibility is a big sell. Yet are all these things really the biggest offer for the Cloud? If re-sellers focus on just this they might be ignoring one of the biggest benefits for their clients. One of the reasons some companies might be reluctant to take up the new system is rooted in one of its biggest strengths. Adopting new technology can be a big decision but it’s also vital to keep up to date and stay ahead of competitors. The web has been the single biggest change for business over the last generation, the cloud is providing to be taking that shift to the next level. Adopting the cloud makes it much easier to upgrade to the latest technology services without a huge outlay or inconvenience. This is a core strategic move which means the whole approach of the business will be shifted.

It can be easy for a Hosted Exchange Reseller to focus on the little things and the day to day impact the jump to the Cloud will have. However, it might be more successful and impactful if they focus on the big change; the shift will fundamentally change how the business approaches technology, making it much easier for them to stay one step ahead of the pack.