Say goodbye to the boring team meeting

Hand on heart, how many meetings have you been in this week? How many times in any of those meetings have you thought “do I really need to be here?” It can be frustrating when you’ve got a huge project underway with the deadlines, pressure, the goals and expectations that come with it and then your valuable time is taken up with meetings. Usually the topic of conversation is providing everyone with an update. We live in a world where you can video call a relative on the other side of the world for free over the Internet, where you can stream a film while updating your blog and checking your emails; surely we can reduce the need for meetings?

Hosted SharePoint is the answer to your prayers. It allows you to share documents, tasks and calendars, to collaborate on projects and ideas as well as publishing information quickly and easily.

You have access to the same information you have on your servers right now, instead it is hosted at one of Intrahost’s data centres. Safe and secure any documents, information and material can be accessed just as easily as if it were on your bosses’ server. Backup and encryption means it is safe, if not safer, than having information on internal servers which could crash or go down. No one else can get in so it’s like having everything stored in a safe.

So what difference does that make to your projects? Well for one thing you can access the information from anywhere. Working from home, teams based in different remote offices, you can access the same information you’d be able to see on your own desktop. Being able to share information that easily means it is easier to keep track on activity. You can find out what’s been done and when it was finished, how progress is being made and any challenges being faced simply by storing the information in a shared folder that’s clearly labelled.

No more stuffy meetings to check on progress, no more travelling for meetings to make sure the team in Birmingham is up to speed on the next stage, everything can be monitored and checked from your PC. And without all those meetings you’ll be able to get more work done.