Reduce costs with VMware hosting

You may have noticed a new service pop up on the shiny new Intrahost site recently, the option to use VMware hosting, something that we’re very pleased to be able to offer. This means that you can now consolidate hardware and increased server usage and effectively reduce running costs. However, we know that not everyone is highly technically-minded, so we’ve put together a brief explanation of how virtualisation and VMware hosting works.

Run more than one operating system

Virtualisation works by using one physical machine, which plays host to a number of virtual machines, powered by software from VMware. This allows you to run several operating systems on one server, doing away with the need for many.

In theory, you do still have the same (or more) amount of servers, but they are software based, rather than hardware.

VMware is the world leader in virtualisation software and has been around since 1998, so it’s safe to say that the software makers are more than just a reputable company, but also an innovative one that provides proven, robust software solutions.

It’s accepted that cloud solutions offer a flexible and scalable IT environment for companies of all sizes, including small business and VMware now serve more than 480,000 customers and 55,000 partners worldwide.

When running separate operating systems and applications on virtual machines, these are kept in isolation from each other, so they are completely secure. Additionally, each machine only uses as many of the main resources as it needs.

Why do I need VMware hosting?

The obvious starting point here is that it reduces the need for a physical infrastructure and allows substantial savings to be made in capital expenditure. Virtualisation models also often work on a monthly fee, so you can also save on licenses and running costs.

Virtualisation offers the opportunity to reduce server resources substantially, increasing performance by up to six times that of your existing infrastructure. This means if you want to add more applications, or run differently configured operating systems, then you can do so without further spending.

Of course, it also reduces your current hosting costs.

Another element to choosing virtualisation and VMware is that it can offer a host of additional back-up and recovery options that are unlikely to be used in an onsite scenario.

This is especially useful for companies that have to meet compliance regulations, as many fail to put in place disaster recovery and effective backup. Data centres have this much better covered and can be a godsend in the event of an emergency, or internal security breach.

Whilst cloud computing has been slow to take off in previous years, with just 8% of worldwide organisations using it, it’s thought that this is set to accelerate rapidly in coming years due to improved security solutions.

This will reach a penetration rate of around 60% by 2017, according to technology analysts at research house Gartner.

With more office staff choosing to connect to work systems on up to four devices a week, the trend is well and truly growing now and it makes sense to consolidate servers to improve performance with this in mind.

With all of the benefits offered by virtualisation, especially the cost savings, it offers businesses a perfect opportunity to gain a competitive edge, whatever the industry.