Reasons to have a self-hosted blog

A commonly asked question by new bloggers is: “What is the best option? Choosing a hosted blog or having a self-hosted blog?” Both hosting platforms have their advantages and disadvantages. The best option is choosing the self-hosted blog.

WordPress is the most popular platform for blogging. Many web designers and developers use WordPress as a Content Management System. The self-hosted WordPress platform can be customised to meet the requirements of the end user. WordPress also has an abundance of plugins available. Plus with a team dedicated of developers that are constantly enhancing the WordPress infrastructure, it is safe to say that WordPress will be around for a very long time. The Internet has a wealth of resources devoted to WordPress.

The hosted WordPress platform

The WordPress hosted-blog is great for those who want to see a demonstration of the blogging platform. The hosted blogging platform allows you to create pages and posts, however, to install plugins and configure themes you need to have a self-hosted WordPress blog.

The disadvantages of the hosted platform of WordPress

Many bloggers are inspired to blog to earn an additional income. If you are blogging for money, you will need a self-hosted blog. One of the ways that makes money is through Google AdSense advertising. The site relies on their bloggers to generate content in order to earn AdSense revenue.

The self-hosted WordPress platform

If you are serious about developing a blog with long-term potential the self-hosted option is the best route. You will need to purchase your own domain name and web hosting, however, the benefits are far greater.

Here are some of the benefits of the self-hosted WordPress platform:

  • Total control – Having your own self-hosted WordPress blog provides you with complete control. Want to create your own WordPress themes? No problem. A self-hosted WordPress blog allows you to configure to your heart’s content.
  • Free blogging platform – The WordPress platform is open-source (free). You can free to modify WordPress.
  • WordPress is easy to install – Web hosting companies offer an easy install feature of WordPress in their hosting control panel.
  • Enhanced functionality - You can install as many WordPress plugins and features as you choose.
  • You own the blog – The content on your blog belongs to you. If you have any affiliate ads you will earn and keep any commissions.
  • Professionalism – Having your own domain name makes you look professional. Having you blog URL end in is not attractive and makes you look like an amateur.
  • An excellent learning curve for managing your own blog You will gain a wealth of experience from maintaining your own blog.
  • SEO friendly – All WordPress blogs are SEO friendly. A self-hosted WordPress blog can you make your site even more SEO friendly. There are many SEO WordPress plugins available.

For a self-hosted WordPress blog you will require a domain name and web hosting, however, these are inexpensive and a great added benefit to your online presence. When you host your own blog you are in complete control.

For many, flexibility and total control are important for bloggers. In addition, you have opportunities to earn money from your content.

A free hosted blog at presents itself with a lot of restrictions. Although, you can create a free hosted blog  you will have limited functionality and restricted designs. As a blogger, you are giving away a lot of your content and blogging efforts to the WordPress community. If your objective is to develop an income through blogging, create a self-hosted WordPress blog today.

Are you looking to develop to a blog? Have you got a blog? If you have what experiences have you learnt from having a self-hosted blog? Please leave a comment. We look forward to hearing your experiences.