Reasons not to host your website on your home computer

Back in 2005, I had an interesting conversation with someone who wanted a website. In order to save costs the person asked: “Instead of purchasing web hosting, can I host the website on my PC? It’ll save me money on web hosting.” The answer yes it is possible. However, there are many disadvantages of hosting on your own personal computer. The one main advantage is that you are in control of your web server, but with responsibilities you encounter problems.

In this article, we will discuss why it is not a great option to host a website on your home computer.

You need to know how to set up a web server

Developing a web server requires knowledge on using: Apache, MySQL and PHP. In addition, updates to software must be made as required to ensure your web server is operating at optimum performance. Running a secure web server is a full time job.

Is your home based web server secure?

How secure is your home based web server? All servers require a secure firewall. This is to protect your server from hackers and viruses. Choosing a web hosting company offers peace of mind for security. A datacentre is a highly secure environment where thousands of websites and online applications are stored.

The datacentre is heavily guarded both physically and virtually. CCTV cameras capture movement throughout the datacentre 24/7 and guards are on-site around the clock. The latest in software technology is frequently installed for superior security.

Is your home based server in the best environment?

A datacentre is a well accommodated environment for web hosting. Your web server must run and be online permanently. If you switch your web server off, nobody will be able to access your website.

Some serious questions to consider:

  • If your web server crashes do you have an alternative web server in place?
  • Do you have the best equipment available for your web server?
  • If your server crashes at 3am are you able to fix it?
  • What happens if your web server overheats and causes an electrical fire?
  • What happens if you have a power failure, do you have an alternative power supply?
  • Do you have an air-conditioned environment to keep your web server cool?
  • Does your Internet Service Provider offer dedicated bandwidth?

A standard broadband connection is not ideal. You need stronger connectivity than your home broadband supplier offers. Again this is more added cost, which could be spent on developing a great website.

All of these questions need some serious consideration and especially if you have an e-commerce website. A datacentre is a very expensive infrastructure to set up. There are an abundance of benefits for using a hosting company.

The benefits of using a hosting company

  • You rent the equipment in the datacentre. If there is a problem with the equipment the web hosting company will sort it out.
  • The datacentre have alternative backup procedures such as: diesel-powered generators and reserve air-conditioning systems.
  • In the event of a fire, the datacentre uses fire suppression systems, where gases are used to extinguish any fire.
  • Reliable web hosting is guaranteed. Web hosting providers need to offer a service level agreement, this is a guarantee for a reliable up-load time.
  • Using a datacentre saves you an abundance of time and stress on repairing your web server.
  • Using a datacentre saves you a fortune on purchasing: new hardware, the latest software and saving money on electricity and maintenance bills.


Web hosting is a requirement, however, using reliable web hosting saves time and money. If you are running an online business, how much would it cost your business if you don’t use a reliable web hosting provider? It could mean the difference of success or failure.

Choosing reliable web hosting is a priority. It is the foundation of any successful online presence. You wouldn’t build your house on sand, right? Just like building a house you need a solid platform. A solid, reliable hosting platform is critical.

Hosting your website on your home computer maybe considered as saving money, however, when you weight up the pros and cons, it is wise to invest in a reliable web hosting provider.