New OS Templates for Intrahost Cloud Servers

With immediate effect, we have updated our Cloud Server platform to include the following additional Operating System Templates.

Linux Cloud Server

Ubuntu 12.04 LAMP x64 Ubuntu 12.04 x64 Ubuntu 12.04 x86 Ubuntu 13.04 x64

See the full list for the Linux Cloud Server plan.

Windows Cloud Server

Windows 2012 Standard Edition x64

See the full list for the Windows Cloud Server plan.

To upgrade your Cloud Server VM to one of the above templates, simply rebuild your server. Note this will destroy your data, so plan your migration carefully.

If you want to upgrade, we can offer you a free 30 day voucher code, allowing you to time to copy your data across to the new server. :) Just log a ticket and let us know.

Windows 2008 Server will be supported for a long time yet, so there's no rush.