New .co domain available from Intrahost

Intrahost provides a full range of international domains, now including the valuable new .co domain. The .co CCTLD has only been available for general registration since July 20, 2010 so there are plenty of great names still available.

Although the .co is the CCTLD (country code top level domain) for the South American Republic of Colombia it has a much wider appeal for domain investors and everyday users.

Although .com is the widely accepted world-wide commercial TLD, it is very expensive to acquire a meaningful domain as the .com domain is subject to heavy speculative forces. The best names have long gone and often ridiculous prices are being asked for very average .com domain names.

So, the .co domain has been welcomed as a useful alternative to the .com domain by newer commercial entities whose relevant .com domain has been snapped up by a squatter years before.

The .co domain will become a new de facto commercial domain - when people see .co they will think "company" or "commercial" not "Colombia".

The .co domain can be registered by any individual or entity in the world.

There are no residency or domiciliary restrictions on .co domain ownership, (unlike .ie and .fr CCTLD), making it ideal as the .com alternative.

Those considering buying .co domains as an investment will be pleased to know that the .co domains are easily transferable to purchasers.

So why not use Intrahost's domain name research tool to check availability of .co names now? Click this link - domain name search tool.

Grab your piece of the .co domain landrush today.