Meet Intrahost's new HP virtual dedicated servers

Customers can now opt for UK-based, virtual dedicated servers using the very latest HP ProLiant servers aimed at SME and users alike. As a virtual server user your main concern will be: will my web server be fast and value-for-money?

Here the Intrahost ProLiant DL360 wins hands down on both counts.

The web servers are are powered by very fast Dual Quad Core Intel 5500 processors, and Intrahost have fitted each ProLiant DL360 with a massive 72GB memory to assist the processing speed. All Intrahost servers will be connected to our high-end HP fibre SANs through HP Procurve multi-gigabit fibre, fabric switches - so there'll be no connectivity bottlenecks or reliability problems to slow down the server.

Intrahost always aim to bring-value-for-money to our hosting solutions and the ProLiant DL360 assists in both its physical size and components. Two of the main factors in hosting costs are the rackspace and the power used by a server.

The ProLiant DL360 G6 is built as a slim 1U server (but still manages to find room for up to eight hard drives) and so rackspace costs are at the minimum.

Intrahost's ProLiant servers also win out on keeping down power costs too, each DL360 G6 server uses 40% less power than the previous G5 model and is up to 100% more energy-efficient in performing its tasks. The DL360 G6 uses flexible Smart Array technology to increase performance while, at the same time, saving energy. It uses sensors for power and cooling that enable it to save power by slowing cooling fans when not needed and turning off power to unused sections of the server.

Keeping size and power usage to a minimum means that the HP Proliant DL360 G6 servers will help Intrahost provide you with a fast, green, cost-effective solution to you virtual dedicated server needs.

Intrahost's virtual dedicated servers start from just £34.95 per month. All have unmetered bandwidth and you have a choice of OS: Windows or Linux and you may have the Plesk server control panel installed on your VDS if you wish.