Intrahost gets a new look!

You may have noticed that the Intrahost website recently got a new look, with improved usability for our regular visitors. We’ve also finely tuned the site, so that it performs well and increases speeds, as well as being compatible with an array of devices. We hope you enjoy the new website; whilst you’re here, why not check out the new services we have to offer too, or even sign up as an affiliate to our improved program.

We’ve recently introduced VMware hosting, to give customers and partners even more options when it comes to cloud computing. Virtual hosting is an ideal way of cutting costs, both in terms of capital expenditure and ongoing running costs.

VMware hosting means that you can host a number of ‘virtual machines’ on one server, all running different applications and even operating systems. This means that rather than paying out for numerous servers, you can consolidate and just use one, supplied by us, with as many virtual machines as you like.

What is VMware?

VMware is the world’s leading developer of virtualisation software and supplies cloud solutions to companies of all sizes across the globe. The innovative approach taken by VMware for many years has led them to serve more than 480,000 customers and 55,000 partners.

VMware are respected industry leaders with an excellent reputation for providing robust, proven software for cloud computing.

Why choose virtualisation?

Every business needs a competitive edge these days and choosing VMware hosting can help you to achieve this. Not only does it cut costs dramatically, but it gives the opportunity to connect from anywhere, become a greener company and improve security.

For more information see the blog post on VMware.

Refreshed affiliate program

Another change we’ve made recently is making some adjustments to our popular affiliate program. Anyone with a website can join and the benefits make it worthwhile and include:

  • £10 sign-up bonus
  • Up to 35% commission
  • No set-up costs
  • Lots of banners to choose from
  • Regular payments

All that you need to do to sign up is complete a simple form, download your favourite banner and put it on your site and then login to your Intrahost account and click on the ‘affiliates’ sub-menu.

Then it’s just a simple case of finding your referral link and using this to link the banner ad from your site.

There’s nothing to lose from our program and everything to gain!

The affiliate program offers a great way to earn extra revenue, whilst not having to do any real work to earn it!

We hope you enjoy our new site and services! Please feel free to provide any feedback about the site to help us continue to improve things for you.