How to: Become a Cloud Reseller

You don’t just have to buy in to the Cloud. You can sell it on as well. Intrahost offers opportunities for entrepreneurs to become resellers, to make money by offering cloud services to others.

There are few who would turn up their nose at a chance to earn some extra money, but like with any deal you want to know what’s involved. So what do you have to do to become a Cloud Reseller?

The strength of the Cloud as we see it is its bespoke ability to match the needs of any business or individual. Some many have different requirements on memory, disk space, CPU power, programming and software as well as operating systems. Deals that mix and match mean an agreement is much more cost-effective. The flexibility means that the technology you invest in works for you, rather than draining on your income.

A Cloud Reseller fits in by selling on cloud infrastructures and the resources available. They don’t need to own their own servers or data centres, instead they work with a provider like Intrahost to make the same cloud space available.

Whether a public, hybrid or private cloud essentially what the reseller is doing is becoming a middle man for the provider, in this case Intrahost and helping reach more customers. In the process they’re developing a new income strand. The reseller doesn’t need to make an investment is hardware or technology like virtualization which makes the cloud server a reality. Instead they make the Cloud instantly available.

Inevitably, though, while there aren’t risks there are things to think about. First of all what provider do you want to use? If you’re going to resell services to your own clients then you need to have faith in the product you’re selling. Intrahost works hard to deliver the best service it can, in terms of flexibility, security as well as a range of solutions.

You also have to know what you’re selling. For example, Intrahost hires staff that understand the technology inside and out. Ultimately this offers a better level of customer service as the opportunity is there for clients to tap into that knowledge if they have a query or a problem. A reseller needs to have the same level of understanding. If you don’t understand the product, neither will your customer and they will be less likely to sign-up.

If becoming a Cloud Reseller sounds like something you want to do then why not get in touch with Intrahost? An expression of interest isn’t the same as signing on the dotted line. You have to be able to trust your supplier if you’re going to resell their services so building up that relationship and starting by having a conversation is the best place to start.

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