How the Cloud reduces downtime (Part 2 of 3)

This week Intrahost has a special series of blog posts looking at how Cloud Computing is affecting real businesses. Whether a small business, a medium sized business or just a one man band you’re always exploring new ways to grow and expand. As a technology provider, Intrahost is in a unique position to talk to these businesses, find out how they’re exploring opportunities to grow and how they want their technology and IT provision to be part of that. Second up making IT more secure. Downtime and crashing can be the difference between success and failure for many firms. An infrastructure that isn’t up to scratch, which stops working taking down your productivity along with your technology means you can’t deliver for clients. It harms your bank balance and it harms your reputation.

An in-house server is fast becoming an outmoded solution. Not only does it means you have to hire internal staff to look after and monitor it but if it goes, that’s it. You and your staff need to either down tools or find alternative arrangements until it is fixed. The benefit of Cloud Computing, many who have signed up have found, is that they have 24/7 support and the infrastructure of a separate, dedicated IT provider. This makes them feel more secure. A larger infrastructure reduces the risk of downtime.

ipPatrol, one of the UK’s largest server monitoring solutions came to Intrahost for support with their disaster recovery servers. They work with customers’ websites, in a range of sectors including international charities and leading financial institutions and wanted to ensure there was never any impact on their performance.

With a catch word of guaranteed availability, Intrahost offered a secure hosting environment for ipPatrol’s critical disaster recovery servers. If ipPatrol’s main data centre had any interruption in service then their clients work would be interrupted. Intrahost used co-location services to house the critical disaster recovery servers. It offers the highest level of protection in a secure facility with closed circuit video surveillance, precision air conditioning systems – vital for no interruption in performance – and environment controls. There is also round the clock monitoring and customer support. This makes the system more secure but also means uninterrupted levels of support and performance.

Northstar Design approached Intrahost because they needed to minimise downtime and email failures which risked damaging their business. Not being able to work effectively and efficiently, along with frustrating customer support meant they were draining resources and risked souring client relationships.

Using a Virtual Private Server, Intrahost could provide Northstar with a secure and flexible hosting environment. The ability of the server to scale up and down depending on their requirements reduced the risk of downtime and crashing. 24/7 customer support means if they have any questions they can get them answered quickly and easily.

Security means different things to different businesses, that’s why the solutions have to be bespoke and suit demand and operations. Cloud Computing can provide a more resilient solution less likely to result in disruption to your work and profitability.