How the Cloud is more cost-effective (Part 3 of 3)

In the third in our series of blog posts examining how Cloud Computing is impacting on business we look at costs. The cost-effectiveness of using the Cloud is usually the first thing discussed as a benefit for the move. As a provider of a range of cloud based technology, Intrahost is in a unique position to examine the impact being able to cut costs is having on the ability of companies to grow and expand. Fastrack Software approached Intrahost because they wanted to generate more sales opportunities by offering software and training solutions for customers. As an independent software vendor providing training solutions for on-demand services for customers, that was secure and meant clients could arrange in-house training through a specially devised piece of technology would offer a chance of growth.

However, Fastrack wanted to be able to invest in new software, without investing in new staff. A higher wage bill would not only dent the opportunity for expansion, it could also remove the need for them to offer a cost-effective solution. They wanted a strategy that could help keep costs down to savings could be passed on to clients.

Intrahost used its Software as a Service (SaaS model) that provided a complete on-demand solution that guaranteed 100% availability for multiple customers. Fastrack would be able to offer a training solution for clients that was safe, secure and allowed clients to offer accounts and training to several members of staff at the same time. The SaaS solution is an end to end operational support platform utilising dedicated servers. It allows multiple users to access the software, at any time. It means clients across the globe can have the same guarantee of reliability, availability and scalability. It is also quick to deploy meaning Fastrack could offer the new service quickly and start reaping the benefits sooner rather than later.

The cost implications of Cloud Computing might not be the most important reason to sign up, but they are an increasingly popular focus for customers who want to be able to expand but might not have the potential for a huge investment and want to secure a credible income strand that works without an immediate outlay. When you have a strategy for growth you want it to work quickly and effectively, rather than wait a few weeks. A solution that is immediate means the impact can be felt straight away.