How SharePoint is making it easier to work together

Collaboration is one of the most important words in business. A multi-national, a SME, an entrepreneur; the ability and the ease of which an individual or a company can work with and service its clients has a direct impact on its ability to be successful.

Increasingly collaboration and creating successful methods of working with and for clients can have a direct result on a company’s productivity and its bottom line. From a practical perspective, collaboration can mean making it easier to share documents, updating clients on progress on a new campaign. Better communication helps the client understand the work being done, be more involved in the delivery process and appreciate that their needs are being met. It can also feed into a more creative approach, that is sharing ideas and best practice.

SharePoint is viewed by many businesses as the benchmark when it comes to this kind of software. Through a provider like Intrahost, SharePoint uses cloud technology to reduce the costs of hosting and sharing documents and business information. All data is secured in one central place instead of in different offices and on different PCs.

The result of this is a more streamlined approach making it easier to keep track of work and activity. For project management this is vital. If the team is spread across different locations, incorporating freelance staff as well as in-house it can be hard to keep track of the most recent amendments, tasks, discussions and planned activity. Communication is key to the smooth running of projects and if geography gets in the way of a project running effectively, hitting all its targets and staying to deadline then it can impact on the service being offered to clients.

In comparison, if all project milestones are kept in one central place, if all collaborators can share documents easily, can work side by side no matter where they are and access the same information, it is more likely that they will be more productive and creative. With less room for error, the client gets a better service and is happier.

SharePoint offers a range of benefits. It cuts costs in terms of hardware and equipment; the technology is all in one place, there’s no need for a business to house it themselves if they use a provider. The programme can be rolled out in a day making it much easier to plan future projects and get them setup and ready to go. Businesses can setup web sites making it easier to share content. Training can be done easily and quickly with 24 hour support, meaning for staff who will be using the new software they get the support they need to start implementing the changes.

Collaboration is a vital part of project management. Even if work is at the ideas stage, just brainstorming with staff and consultants across different locations and offices then SharePoint can have an impact. At every stage of the project, right through to delivery and evaluation, it can help manage activity, making staff more productive and making it easier to toss ideas back and forth, to update on activity as well as project milestones. The result? A happier client and more satisfied work force. Who can argue that isn’t what they want for their business.