How secure is secure?

Remember that old test they used to do in team building exercises? You stood with your arms crossed over your chest and a colleague stood behind you. If you really trusted them you would allow yourself to fall back and they would catch you. That is what a cloud server is like.

You get on with what you’re doing; developing your business, working living and playing online; possibly even hosting websites for your customers and clients and we do the rest of the work. That includes making sure you’ve got enough RAM and CPU, that there is capacity in case you get spikes in traffic and need a little extra support. Sometimes a dedicated server just doesn’t cut it and many people feel there is more flexibility in a cloud server, which suits them.

Yet a question often on people’s minds is security. And rightly so.

With a cloud server you can feel as though you are putting your own personal information, and sometimes that of your clients, out there, in the ether. And you’re worried anyone could read it.

That isn’t the case but before you sign up it is right that you should ask any questions and allay any fears about cloud servers.

Each physical server will have a number of different customers on it. Each will have a setup geared for their own requirements and designed especially for them and their needs. Yet each is also exclusive, with exclusive resources.

That means that each hosting server is designed and built to be able to meet the needs for each cloud server it hosts.

Imagine a cul-de sac. There’s no point building a number of houses if the road itself isn’t strong enough to take them. That is why Intrahost focused on the foundation and infrastructure first.

Each server has its own dedicated use of physical resources, like RAM and storage space as well as processing power. No one else can get access to that and while this allows you to take advantage of everything at your fingertips it also makes it more secure.

Often a new technology can make people worry about security. Cloud servers are not only as secure as traditional hardware but they actually offer more scope for protection. Physical and network based security combined with data security help to protect your own personal information as well as the server and the set-up itself.

Every Intrahost cloud server is hosted on a server network in a data centre. Each centre is protected by CCTV inside and out as well as pass card entry systems making access strict. An on-site security team monitors and manages who comes in, and goes out, all day, every day, even holidays.

For data security each cloud server sits behind a firewall. This isn’t any firewall but a multi-layered firewall network. That is monitored 24/7 for any attempts to break in. Any attempt at unauthorised entry feeds into our security strategy, meaning it is constantly being adopted and adapted.

There are a variety of authentication systems needed for any access meaning your data is as secure is it can be. It protects not only against any loss but also any potential interruption of service, which could really ruin your day.

There’s no such thing as too much security and Intrahost is committed to ensuring the security it offers each of its customers, both physical security and digital security, protects your data as safely and soundly as possible.