How fast is your broadband?

As a hosting company we do everything we can to ensure that your experience with us, as a host for your website is as pleasurable as possible. We employ the services of expert UK-based staff, spend lots of money on our own, top-brand, web servers, that are then placed in state-of-the-art UK data centres. The aim, naturally, is to give visitors to your websites the best speed possible when serving your web pages to them. Of course, this is only one side of a coin. The experience your visitor gets when they visit your website is also governed by the speed of their broadband connection to the Internet. Ask most people here in the UK and they'll say they get 8Mbps connection speed. Unfortunately, that is the "headline" speed. What they get is "up to 8Mbps" speed. And that's the rub. Most do not realise they get far less than that speed and are often disappointed when their surfing of the Internet slows down to a crawl.

BT were taken to task of this type of broadband speed discrepancy only recently but they are far from alone in utilising this technique of drawing in customers. The Gadget ShowIt is of concern to hosting companies, like Intrahost, that this, often poor, broadband speed delivered to UK customers impacts on the perception of the speed of our own hosting service.

Broadband providers get away with, what to many disappointed customers, is a sleight of hand too easily in the UK but little is done about it. However, Channel 5's The Gadget Show highlighted the issue last year they are focusing on it once again this year.

They are asking people to join in the campaign by testing the connection of your home broadband and sending them the results. You can participate by going here.

It is in every customers' interests to participate so that we get a true picture of what we are receiving, in terms of broadband speed, for our money.