How Cloud Computing is starting a boom for entrepreneurs

Those in the know in the tech world have been looking at trends. They examine how businesses are working, what technology they’re using and how it is affecting their working practice. These are people that don’t agree on much, but they do agree on this ; the 2010s are the decade of the Cloud. The report produced by the Software & Information Industry Association believes cloud computing is a game-changer, it has fundamentally altered business.

Which leads to an interesting question; if you haven’t adopted it, are you being left behind?

It can be easy for trend analysts to make you think that if you’re not using an up to date technology then somehow you must be in the dark ages. Yet in the same way the 90s brought us the internet, the noughties social media in our cash-strapped and recession driven era we seem to be opting for a business solution that helps cut costs and drives innovation.

Let me illustrate with a case study.

Say you’re a web designer in your early thirties. You spent your twenties working for one or two design agencies, but as you got older decided you wanted more flexibility and also to be the one doing the work AND making the money. So you went freelance.

As ever with running a business you constantly need to find new clients and provide innovative, yet cost-effective ways to work with them. As you need storage and disk space to get the work done you invest in a deal for a Cloud Server. Effectively you’re renting some space in a cloud on a physical server at a data centre, but you know your work is backed up, secured and you can expend or contract the space you’re renting as and when you need to. It means you can work from home, cutting costs, while maintaining a professional front. Your clients have no drop in service. You use a Hosted Desktop to work wherever you need to as well as technology like SharePoint to distribute content, update clients on projects and progress. You are able to manage your company from whatever screen you are in front of, utilising a server half a world away. You chose your provider carefully, wanting to ensure good customer service, cost, availability, security and flexibility. You felt they understood what you needed. Business is going well. In fact, the money you’re saving in terms of technological infrastructure you think might be invested in expansion, in hiring another member of staff who can use the same Cloud Server and technology, helping you take on more work.

The shared data concept is what is at the heart of the cloud and defines the technology that comes from it. The tech CEOs at SIIA said they believe cloud computing is heralding a decade long entrepreneurial boom. It has made it easier to start-up and build a company, as costs are so low. It has fundamentally shifted how we talk to clients and how we do our business. For small starters the possibilities are endless, to seize the opportunity and keep running.

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