How a Cloud Server can help you build a business

Everyone wants to make a little bit of extra money. Times are hard for a lot of households and the cost of living is increasing. That means that, on the side, a lot of people are developing new ways of making themselves some cash to top up their earnings. A lot of people are looking online for that extra revenue stream. Many who can offer to design websites for friends and family and local businesses. This can stay as a sideline or it can become your full time job. Whatever it becomes there is another way for you to make even more money.

This isn’t a get rich quick scheme but an added service you can offer that can also makes you a little money.

If you host your website and those you design on a cloud server you can make money by offering is as a service for your clients.

How does a Cloud Server work? Cloud Servers are measured by how much memory you use. Imagine you have a long beach. You might want to just use one deck chair or you might want to set a few aside for you and your friends. The Cloud Server works in the same way. The beach is the physical server. That little patch you pay for is defined by what you need; CPU Power, memory, traffic etc.

So you can use a section of the Cloud Server just for yourself, or you could extend it and invite your friends to come along.

It’s free to setup with Intrahost and you sign up to a monthly contract. CPU Power is 2.5 GHz and Disk Space ranges from 10GB to 20GB while you can choose the amount of Memory you’re guaranteed. Every Cloud Server through Intrahost comes with unmetered Monthly Traffic so whatever the demands or the amount of people that visit it, it won’t disrupt the service. You can pick the Operating System you want and can choose how many domains you want to register for the Cloud Server.

The benefit for you is that it’s a bespoke deal. It’s designed to fit you and your needs. This makes it more cost-effective. The deal isn’t long-term so you aren’t tied in to an annual contract. It’s monthly.

What’s the benefit for your clients? Well it removes the need for them to look after it. Because you’re getting a good deal they’re getting a good deal. They can pay you to cover the costs and you can earn extra income.

A Cloud Server  can help you build a business and offer a new way for you to make a little money. We're not talking about turning yourself into Sir Alan Sugar but it can give your earnings a boost.