How good is Plesk as a control panel?

150315---Plesk Both cPanel and Plesk are popular choices as server control panels. Opinions are divided on which one is better. For the uninitiated, Parallels Plesk Panel is what is commonly referred to as Plesk. Plesk has a number of main benefits:

  • It is extremely easy to use. It has a very clean interface.
  • It is considered highly stable control panel as compared to its peers.
  • It offers support for multiple platforms including the Windows and the Linux platforms.
  • It uses the HTTPS protocol and offers a high level of security.
  • It provides automation at various levels.
  • It lets you move accounts from other control panels conveniently.

Looking at the above-mentioned benefits, one could say that Plesk is an ideal choice for a control panel. We would say it is a matter of convenience and choice. What one may like, another may not. There is another reason, however, that makes Plesk popular. It is said that Plesk makes all types of users comfortable. You don’t need to be a technical expert to work with this control panel. So, it is as good to the server administrator as it to the non-technical end-user.

Plesk navigation and capabilities

The Plesk Control Panel boasts an easy-to-navigate web hosting automation interface. Navigating through its multiple sections has been facilitated to the maximum, so that you could quickly find the functionality you need at any given moment. The Control Panel memorises all most commonly used functionalities and brings them to you anytime you access its interface. As far as the management process is concerned, Plesk offers numerous features for efficient administration of the available hosting resources. Some of the most noteworthy administrative options include an auto-update mechanism and an auto-component updater, a migration manager, as well as a web-based installation for quick deployment. With those administrative features Plesk users will be able to handle all the necessary updates automatically. Apart from the functional side of Plesk, you will have the opportunity to customise the layout of your working environment by selecting from a variety of additional skins, or by creating your own fully branded skins through a web-based interface. Plesk is the only control panel with native support for Windows Server 2008 and Server 2012, which is definitely a unique selling point and for customers of intrahost is probably the main reason for choosing Plesk over cPanel.

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