Firefox 3.5.1 security update

Mozilla have today released an update to Firefox, their cross-platform browser. Firefox 3.5 was only released three weeks ago, and Mozilla announced almost immediately that there would be a quick release of the 3.5.1 update as there were a couple of topcrashes that had not been eliminated before 3.5 was released.

However, the discovery earlier this week that there was a critical vulnerability in Firefox 3.5's Just-In-Time Javascript compiler has meant that 3.5.1 has been released even earlier than intended to fix the vulnerability and restore full Javascript capability to Firefox users.

Mozilla had advised disabling the JIT Javascript compiler as a temporary cure to the vulnerability.

In addition to the security fix, the Firefox 3.5.1 update cures a number of top crashes or stability issues and supplies a few bug fixes. You can find a list of Firefox 3.5.1 bugfixes here.

You can download the Firefox browser for Mac, Windows or Linux here