Developing a Successful Online Presence

A successful online presence takes planning and dedication. Throughout this article, we will suggest some resourceful methods for building a successful website or blog.

What are your goals?

What is the purpose of developing your online presence? Your website or blog will only be successful if it solves people's problems.  It’s important to focus on the needs of your target audience.

Why some websites are so successful

Ask yourself, why do you visit a major city? Let’s say that you’re interested in going to New York for a long-weekend break. People go to New York because there’s plenty to see and do. The opportunities for sight seeing and shopping are endless. Just like a major city, a high traffic website or blog has an abundance of high quality content that either entertains, engages or informs the web user.

Popular places have a good number of reasons to visit them. You need to give your target audience good reasons to visit your online presence and also keep them returning.

Write down some goals that you'd like to achieve with your online presence.

Here are some examples:

  • Are you saving your audience money?
  • Are you helping your audience to learn something new?
  • Are you solving problems that people are desperate to find the answers to?
  • Are you entertaining people?

Websites such as Facebook, Yahoo and Wikipedia have thousands of pages and unique content. These websites are constantly growing on a daily basis. Their goals are to solve people's problems.

It’s important to develop relevant information from the beginning. Focus on creating content that your readers will appreciate and value. Give your audience reasons to visit your website or blog. The most successful blogs and websites understand what motivates their target audience. Find out as much information related to your target market as possible. Planning is the key to success.

You need strong foundations

To build any large structure you need solid foundations. A large oak tree has very strong roots in order to grow big and strong. The same principle applies for a high traffic website or blog. It’s important to use reliable web hosting. As you’re developing an online presence it’s crucial to have a strong structure in place. If you have weak foundations it’s like building a house on sand.

"Always focus on the needs of your audience. How can you improve your online presence for your target audience?"

Research your web hosting provider.  If you have a high traffic eCommerce website, it’s crucial to have a highly reliable hosting solution in place.  When your website is down and unavailable you're losing potential customers.  It's wise to invest in the best hosting solution for your budget.

Develop traffic to your blog

Every major city has a number of routes. If you’re travelling to Paris you can get there in a variety of ways. You can travel to Paris by car, bus, plane, train, motorbike or on foot.  It’s important to understand that there’re a variety of ways to find your website or blog too. A web user could find your website on Google or click on a ReTweet from Twitter.

Every method of traffic generation will vary. If your online presence is located on the first page of Google for a highly competitive keyword you’ll have a lots of web traffic.

High street stores have no problem of being noticed – their custom is generated by being located in a prime location.

Many websites or blogs fail. If you don’t have a solid marketing plan and content strategy you’re planning for failure.

Some places to market your website or blog.

  • Use Twitter to promote your brand.
  • Start using Google AdWords. A great opportunity to promote your online presence.  However, this will require a marketing budget.
  • Start developing a link building campaign. Having relevant and quality back links is one way to boost your search engine rankings.
  • Networking with like-minded people online. Fans of your content will speak highly of you and promote your online presence.

Now it’s your turn

Do you have an online presence? How do you market your website or blog? Please leave a comment below.