Cloud Servers vs Dedicated Servers

Are you considering a move to the cloud? Presenting many benefits, cloud hosting seems an obvious choice for your hosting requirements. Sharing the resources of many servers, it offers a dynamic and highly scalable form of hosting that will grow with your business. However, there are many types of cloud and traditional dedicated hosting solutions available. Careful consideration should be given to each and every one. Both cloud and dedicated server hosting have unique features and benefits and the correct match between technology and business objectives is critical to gaining competitive edge.CloudServers

The cloud offers the ideal hosting solution for many businesses, offering high resilience and flexibility. For maximum performance, a dedicated server is still the most suitable option, safeguarding and improving your business's online presence.

Many see cloud hosting as a cheaper alternative to dedicated servers, however, this depends upon the requirements of your business.

Your business can also achieve benefits from both hosting solutions, by combining cloud and dedicated servers to create a bespoke hybrid solution.

Whether you choose public or private cloud, dedicated servers or a hybrid hosting solution, you can rest assured that with us you will benefit from increased performance, speed and support. We take time to understand your needs and can help you through the buying process. Alternatively if you know what you want, simply place your order online via our simple purchase process and we’ll get you up and running in no time!

We would recommend Dedicated Servers if:

  • You need a lot of disk storage (dedicated server storage is cheaper than cloud server & web server storage)
  • You need a lot of CPU/Processor power (dedicated server processor power is cheaper than cloud server & web server CPU cores)
  • You don't need high-availability (if the motherboard fails in your server, it may take several hours to replace the motherboard or transfer your data to a new server)

We would recommend Cloud Servers if:

  • You need to deploy your website quickly
  • You need to be able to restore from backups quickly
  • You need backups included for free
  • You need minimum downtime for memory and storage upgrades
  • You need to be able to reboot through a control panel
  • You need to be able to re-image your server through a control panel
  • You require server and disk resilience (if a server or disk or even an entire SAN fails on our cloud platform, your website will still continue to run)
  • You do not require lots of disk storage, memory or CPU (resources on a cloud platform tend to be more costly than with a dedicated server)

Whatever your requirements, no matter how complex, we can provide an ideal hosting infrastructure to meet them. With 24x7 monitoring and support as well as ISO27001 compliant data centres you can sleep easy when using intrahost.

Call us today on 0800 321 3812 to see how easy and cost-effective it would be to migrate your current hosting infrastructure to intrahost!

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