Cloud Servers aren't just for big business

IBM has announced it is offering a new service for its “enterprise class” customers. The computing giant says it plans to park its mainframes in the Cloud. Essentially it means that the amount of downtime will be reduced by nearly a fifth which will make a big difference for any business wanting to use it's services and relying upon it for their infrastructure.

The service is likely to be more expensive, but for big companies that can afford it, it will  probably be a popular move.

However, again it seems to reinforce the message coming from the big developers and manufacturers that the Cloud is best for big business. It isn’t the case and different elements, such as Cloud Servers, for example, can offer a welcome opportunity to cut costs and build an entrepreneur’s empire without breaking the bank.

Cloud Servers provide an infrastructure that can grow or be squeezed depending on the needs of the individual or business. Say you’re setting up a small business on the side. It might be a product idea that you think could take off, but aren’t willing to give up the day job for; perhaps you host a podcast as a creative outlet; maybe you design websites for friends or local businesses as a side job. A Cloud Server offers scalability in terms of operating systems, flexible pay rates on a month by month basis that is based on how many servers you have, how much size you’re taking up in terms of memory and disk space as well as bandwidth.

You can opt to only rent the space month by month. So when there’s a lot of work on and you’re busy you might need more space. A quiet month and you can drop off. It’s not like having an expensive virtual office space that costs a fortune month in and month out, even if you’re not using it. More importantly you can sign up in hours. You get advice and support 24/7 and can develop a package that suits you.

Inevitably, for big business having a well-built infrastructure is important. It helps to cuts costs, to develop an IT system that suits the company, rather than a legacy system that takes time, energy and saps resources. In the current climate establishing a system that is as cost-effective as possible is a number one priority.

However, it isn’t only important to multi-national conglomerates.

Cloud Servers have the scalability that is also needed for freelancers, independent creative or budding entrepreneurs who need an infrastructure to start to build their project but don’t want to lay out a lot of money.