Cloud Servers are as flexible as our outlook

If there’s one buzz word likely to stay around after the recession is a mere memory it is this: flexibility. The last five years has been tough for a lot of businesses and many are feeling battered and bruised. But there’s one reason they should be proud. They got through it. And largely the companies that have survived have done so because they adapted to change and embraced new ways of doing things.

Flexibility became the calling card because individuals and firms learnt that they had to streamline to ensure they could embrace new opportunities as they came along. It is an approach that has not only changed practice but also mind-set. This generation of workers isn’t stick in the muds, instead they look for creative solutions to tackle any problems or challenges.

In terms of technology one of the key trends to emerge over the same period of time is the Cloud. Some might not have fully understood it at first but now it is changing the landscape and being adopted at a fast rate. It is the sense of flexibility that makes it even more popular. It gives people the freedom to work anywhere, to define their own computer system – whatever they need it for – to grow and store whatever they need, rather than relying on an infrastructure that is inherited and might slow you down.

Individuals face a lot of the same challenges as small companies and big business. They want to be able to save their money while continuing to do whatever they want. For an individual that might mean several different things. They might have opted to run everything as a one man band. There might be several different brands involved with different web domains but all are protected under one arch. Alternatively they could host several different sites for companies, developing a new revenue strand.

For both of these Cloud Servers are an increasingly popular solution because of their flexible approach. Austerity has left us feeling that we should be getting value for the things we spend money on. That doesn’t stop at IT. We want to be able to do more with less and make IT work for us, rather than be restricted by it.

Virtualization is a growing side of that and it is what makes Cloud Servers a reality. Sitting on top of a physical server it is virtualization that helps people rent the space online they need and define their usage in terms of power, memory and domains. It simplifies the whole process allowing individuals and even businesses to make the most of their storage and resources. It’s streamlined, meaning they can have a tighter control on their purse and are thus able to respond to opportunities quicker.

Flexibility has left many of us feeling we can have more control over our work and play. As online is a growing avenue of both it goes without saying that we want to extend that flexibility online. Cloud Servers, along with the wider principles of Cloud Computing help us explore how that flexibility can save us money while offering us the same comprehensive service.