5 steps to heaven. Or a cloud. Ok. A Cloud Server.

Technology can feel like something that weighs you down, rather than frees you. It can be expensive, it might not suit what you need and you might feel like you’ve been sold something off the rack that’s working so hard to be applicable to as many people as possible it fundamentally drops the ball.

If this is how you feel about your own IT solution perhaps you should think about a Cloud VPS Server. Here are the steps that might govern whether it is right for you to sign up.

1. Your IT relies on expensive hardware and software devices. It simply isn’t feasible anymore. If this is how you feel then you need to start looking for a more cost-effective and flexible solution. If your IT feels like it doesn’t fit you need to start researching one that does.

2. You work flexibly. Whether a small business or a freelance the strength in your offer means being able to work 24/7 if you need to. So you need a solution that works in the same way. You need to be able to access data around the clock. If you’re looking for a cloud hosting option you need to consider architecture; are you looking for something public, private or hybrid?

3. Not only is the time you need to access data flexible, so is the amount of space you need. If your plans come to fruition then your need a flexible storage solution as well. There is no point hobbling or limiting yourself before you’ve even begun. A Cloud Server usually comes with unlimited storage space. There’s also unlimited metering with Intrahost so if you get a spike in traffic it won’t affect your visibility.

4. You want to get what you need. Cloud Servers are often described as being “scalable”. This essentially means you can pick and choose what you need. You don’t get a one size fits no-one solution. Instead you can work with a provider to mix and match tools to help working easier and collaboration simpler.

5. You need to cut costs. In the same way you should never blindly re-sign with an energy company without looking for cheaper alternatives, the same should be said for IT. You’re increasingly thinking there should be a more cost-effective solution. Cloud Servers would dramatically cut the cost of what you need. You don’t need to host servers and an IT team to manage the service. It is pay as you go in many ways as you’re only paying a monthly fee and don’t have to sign up to a long contract. That makes it more flexible and also cheaper.

If you’ve read through each of these steps and considerations and thought it mimics your own concerns with your IT solution then perhaps you should be thinking about a Cloud Server. Flexible, cost-effective, scalable and with 24/7 support it can be exactly the partner you need to help your business grow.

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