2 directors. 1 brolly.

Two of our directors. One (the mean one) stays in his car to avoid the rain. The other (the kind one) rescues him by offering his brolly. Watch what happens next!!!

Bored? Waste 5 minutes with Google Easter Eggs

As you probably know, Google has been laying Google Easter Eggs in its code for years. Here's a list of a few we've found. Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 12.36.40

Type these into Google search:

zerg rush


bacon number [insert actor's name]


do a barrel roll



conway's game of life

and finally, the answer you've always wanted to know:

the answer to life the universe and everything

Have fun! Let us know if you know any others? Or if you know of other sites with Easter eggs hidden.

p.s. Did you spot the bug in the image above?

Investors in People Accredited

The Intrahost team were delighted to hear that they’ve attained the Investors in People (IIP) accreditation. Investors in People is the UK national standard which demonstrates good practice for the development of people to achieve business goals. Intrahost believe that it’s important to invest in our colleagues – in order to enhance team member’s skill sets and also to develop the best working environment.  A happy team is a productive team.

Investors in People focuses on employee engagement – where all members of the team understand their roles and the goals for their organisation.

Over the past several weeks the Intrahost team have also promoted healthy eating – where bowls of fresh fruit and healthy snacks have been provided.

The Intrahost team are pleased to receive the Investors In People accreditation.

Intrahost Fund Raising For Comic Relief

The Intrahost web hosting team along with sister companies were keen to celebrate Comic Relief 2011. This year, we wore our pyjamas, dressing gowns and slippers to work. The Chairman of Intrahost, Cairn Emmerson, made his favourite dish - Chicken Madras for all the team.

Plus we had activities throughout the day to raise funds for Comic Relief. So far, we've raised £160 for Comic Relief.  A great time was had by all.

Next year we will have a different theme and aim to raise more money.

Red Nose Day

Intrahost would like to thank Mr. Steve Wright on BBC Radio 2 for mentioning our Comic Relief efforts live on his afternoon show. You can listen to our BBC Radio 2 mention below.

Intrahost mentioned on Steve Wright's, BBC Radio 2 show

Intrahost Sponsor YMCA Sleep Easy 2011

Grimsby Cleethorpes and Humber Region YMCA have participated in the YMCA Sleep Easy event that was held at Blundell Park, Cleethorpes – the home of Grimsby Town FC. Over 70 volunteers slept rough in plummeting temperatures to raise funds for youth homelessness. On average 400 homeless referrals are made in the North East Lincolnshire region every year. This figure is expected to double during 2011.

In the past 12 months, North East Lincolnshire have experienced a rising trend of unemployment and a lack of affordable accommodation.

The event started at 6pm, where the volunteers had to find space to build their shelters from cardboard and get comfy as possible. Every two hours the volunteers were offered warm refreshments. The event proven to be a huge success and was enjoyed by all.

The YMCA Sleep Easy event so far has raised almost £10,000. The Intrahost Team were delighted to hear about the event and donated £250 to the charity.

Intrahost Sponsor YMCA Sleep Easy Charity Event

Fundraisers from the Grimsby Cleethorpes and Humber Region YMCA, from left, Sophie Benson, Lizi King, Vicky Hubbard and Emma Bridge.

Well done to everyone that participated in the YMCA Sleep Easy event.

Intrahost moves into Barnsley data centre

On 1 May 2009, we shall be offering many of our services in the newly opened 20,000sqft Barnsley data centre. Services available to our customers will include web hosting, virtual dedicated servers, dedicated servers and colocation.

Data centre specification

  • Dual redundant fibre ring connecting the Data Centre to Sheffield, Manchester and London.
  • Sustained power and cooling for Dual 32A feed racks available across entire data centre floor.
  • Mains power backed by generator-backed UPS in N+1.
  • Ultra efficient Cooling and Humidity systems and moisture detection.
  • VESDA smoke detection, EMS & FM200 fire suppression.
  • Biometric entry to facility (24/7).
  • Manned on-site & CCTV surveillance throughout.
  • High Density environments can be tailored to your needs.
  • 500mm raised floor with secure under floor cabling.
  • Provision to meet disaster recovery needs.
  • Competitive Power pricing.
  • Direct YEDL client with power options up to 10MvA.

Red Nose Day coming up

We're all a buzz around the office as tomorrow's Red Nose Day 2009 looms. We have promises of home made lunches, games, head shavings, twister and of course the mandatory fancy dress competition for all staff! Personally, I'm looking forward to seeing the Saint Trinians outfits. If you haven't already, please give generously to Red Nose Day.