Benefits of using a dedicated server

If you have a business with a demanding online presence, chances you are using a dedicated server. In the world of web hosting you truly get what you pay for. In this article, you will read the benefits of using a dedicated server. If you’re starting to out grow your shared hosting platform and have a larger budget - a dedicated server is a worthy choice.

It is your own server

The dedicated server is an unshared web hosting platform where your website is completely devoted to your needs. You’re in complete control of your server. Although, shared hosting is cheaper it doesn't always mean it's reliable as dedicated hosting.

Use all of the server’s resources

On a dedicated server, you’re not sharing the resources with any other user. Many shared web hosting servers become overloaded and slow. The beauty of using your own dedicated server is that your users will benefit greatly from having a faster loading website. In addition, your dedicated server will be more reliable.

Your dedicated server is located in a secure datacentre

Some businesses’ have their dedicated servers located on their work premises. This is not the best choice of keeping your data secure. There are many potential risks in the work environment. Dedicated servers in an office can be vulnerable to fire or theft or accidental damage. It is crucial to keep your dedicated server in a cool environment and locked away and off your office premises. This machine will be running every second of day and must never be switched off.

The cost of setting up a dedicated server in your work environment is expensive and canbe risky. A datacentre is the best place to store your dedicated server.

You’ll have your own IP address

Every computer and server have their own unique IP address. On a shared server, you don’t know what other users are doing with their hosting plans. On a shared hosting server, you may be a victim of having your IP address banned. On a dedicated server, you have more control.

Upgrade as you need to

Your dedicated server can be upgraded with extra memory and processing power.  Your dedicated server can grow as your online presence grows.

Dedicated servers overview

Whether you’re a hardcore gamer and have your own dedicated gaming server or have an eCommerce web site, dedicated servers provide a higher level of reliability.