A Dedicated Server Will Save Your Business Money

If your business has an IT infrastructure you may have a number of servers. Some businesses have their servers located at their place of work. Servers that are located on work premises immediately create potential risks. What if your place of work is a victim of fire, theft or even flooding? How secure will your computer data be if it’s only stored in one primary location?

Every business must have a contingency plan for their data security.

A dedicated server provides peace of mind and efficiency for your business. A datacentre is rock-solid secure environment that has multiple levels of security procedures in place.

Every datacentre has an alternative power supply if a power failure ever occurred. Air conditioning systems keep your dedicated servers cool and working at optimum performance. In the unlikely event of a fire, the datacentre’s fire suppression systems will extinguish any fire quickly.

For a business to have their own datacentre constructed would costs millions. When you purchase a dedicated server you’re renting space within a datacentre. There are added benefits for using a dedicated server, because you don’t have to pay for the equipment. If you are a colocation customer, you’d have to buy your own servers and you’d be responsible for any hardware or software failures.

If your business has an eCommerce website or a high traffic website it’s advisable to use a dedicated server or virtual data centre. A shared hosting package is considered slower and this is dependent on the number of websites or blogs stored on this server. The dedicated server offers maximum performance because you’re not sharing any resources.  Dedicated hosting promotes reliability for your business.

A dedicated server is a more expensive option than the shared option, because you’re getting a high performance hosting platform. If you have a business, it’s important to have your servers in the best environment. In the long term, your business will reduce overheads and save money.