Intrahost Virtual Data Centre now Auto-Scales

Great news for Intrahost Virtual Data Centre customers. VDC virtual machines now can auto-scale resources on demand. So if Stephen Fry tweets your website, the VDC can automatically increase memory and CPU to cope :) You are able to increase memory capacity, CPU and disk storage if specified percentage thresholds are reached, for a specified amount of time.

For example, you can set your control panel to allow Virtual Machine A to increase memory by 256MB for upto 1024MB per 24 hours if your memory level exceeds 90% for  30 minutes or more.

See screenshot below.

Virtual Data Centre auto-scaling Virtual Machines

If you'd like to know more about how auto-scaling can work for you, please drop us an email at: enquiry [at] or call us on: 0800 321 3812


The launch of Raspberry Pi, crashes websites

The Raspberry Pi, an incredibly cheap, low-spec, credit card sized computer board went on sale in late February 2012.  The huge demand of this £22 computer saw overwhelming interest, causing websites to crash. The miniature computer is packed with all the features to set up the most basic computer. The Raspberry Pi Project began in 2006, where variations of the product were made to produce the smallest size computer board possible.

The Raspberry Pi Model B includes:  256MB RAM CPU and all the ports to add a keyboard, monitor, internet access, speakers and power supply (all sold separately). This cost-cutting computer has amazingly already sold out.

In late 2012, the Raspberry Pi will target the Education sector, where tomorrow’s developers can learn more about programming basics. Plus the Raspberry Pi includes the open source Operating System Linux.

RS Components, Premier Farnell and the Raspberry Pi website has felt the strain from the heavy demands of potential customers.

Are you prepared for the demand of your new product launch?

Your web hosting solution can make or break your product launch. Many large scale websites use multiple complex hosting solutions including multiple dedicated servers, which can be very expensive. The latest concept in hosting is the Virtual Data Centre.

The Virtual Data Centre - on-demand hosting

Unlike dedicated server hosting, the Virtual Data Centre allows you to have complete control of your hosting resources in real-time. For instance, if you have a large flow of visits you can increase your bandwidth and processing power within minutes. Attain more customers and enquiries with a hosting solution that supports the demands of your business.

Highly flexible hosting allows you to pay for the resources that you use. Our handy iPhone control panel allows you to make changes whilst on the move.

From 1.8p per hour you can have highly flexible to hosting to suit your needs.

Who should use the Virtual Data Centre:

  •  Marketing agencies
  •  Medium to large scale businesses
  •  e-Commerce websites
  •  Event websites

Want to know more?  Sign up for your virtual data centre and only pay for what you use.

Virtual Data Centre - New Concept in Hosting

The Intrahost team are proud to present the Virtual Data Centre. Our revolutionary approach allows you to have pay-as-go hosting to suit your business requirements. You are full control of your hosting requirements. This fully scalable hosting solution allows you to acquire more RAM, bandwidth, disk space and processing power as and when you need it.

Above all else, the Virtual Data Centre is very affordable starting from 2p per hour. If you're a dedicated server customer, you can make massive savings by switching to your own Virtual Data Centre.

Order Your Virtual Data Centre


Virtual Data Centre Technology Unleashed!

The Virtual Data Centre (VDC) launched by the Intrahost team is the most powerful cloud hosting technology available. This powerful hosting infrastructure is so customisable that you can acquire additional resources effortlessly.

Ultimate Cloud Server Hosting

A majority of cloud server packages on the market only allow you to upgrade by ordering additional nodes, that are packed with surplus RAM, CPU, storage and bandwidth.

What if you only want to order more bandwidth?

You have to purchase an extra node and pay for additional resources that you won't even use. But with the Virtual Data Centre by Intrahost - can order whatever you want. You're not forced to upgrade to additional nodes. If you just want to order additional RAM you can order more.

Complete Control

The Intrahost VDC allows you to change resources from our web based control panel and also the OnApp iPhone control panel. Within minutes you can create your very own revolutionary VDC with ease.

The Virtual Data Centre can save you money

This revolutionary concept can help you save time, money and resources. Our unique Pay-As-You-Go hosting keeps you in control of your billing where you only pay for what you use. Just like a Pay-As-You-Go mobile phone, the Virtual Data Centre uses credits and when you need more you just top-up. It's that simple.

No monthly contracts, no minimum term, create your own Virtual Data Centre, increase availability and save money.

Intrahost's Ad Appears In .net Magazine

Virtual Data CentreThe Intrahost Team have been busy working on their latest product the Virtual Data Centre. Our revolutionary Virtual Data Centre allows you to use resources as and when you need them including: RAM, CPU, storage and bandwidth. Our Fast and Friendly team are helping businesses save money and improve their IT infrastructure. Recently we launched an advert in .Net magazine to launch our new Virtual Data Centre. If you're looking to save money, take advantage of scalable cloud hosting from just 2p per hour.

Intrahost Launch The Virtual Data Centre – The Ultimate Hosting Solution

Introducing the Virtual Data Centre (VDC) by Intrahost. Now you can have complete control of your IT infrastructure without limitations. Never before have hosting customers had the opportunity to create on-demand fully scalable resources at an economic price.

Welcome to the Virtual Data Centre

The VDC lets you create, use, adjust and monitor your Virtual Data Centre through our secure control panel. If you are on the move, take advantage of our VDC iPhone App. Creating an IT infrastructure used to take weeks or months, but with the Intrahost Virtual Data Centre this is now achievable within minutes. Create multiple servers as and when you need them.

Massive resources available on demand

The Intrahost Virtual Data Centre has a pool of resources including: up to 32GB of RAM, up to 2TB of storage space and colossal levels of bandwidth is also available. There is no need to purchase multiple dedicated servers for a powerful solution – the Virtual Data Centre resource pool can handle even the most demanding websites and applications.

UK Based Web Hosting support

Intrahost Ltd is UK based. All of the data centres that we use are based in the north of England. Our 24/7 Fast and Family support team are located in East Yorkshire and are working around the clock to bring you the very best support available.

Best server hardware

We at Intrahost, only use the very best server hardware from Dell and HP. We also use top-quality Cisco hardware. Intrahost also provide a 99.99% SLA (service level agreement).

Save Money on your existing IT infrastructure

The Intrahost Virtual Data Centre operates on a Pay-As-You-Go basis. You are in complete control of your resources allowing you to save money. Businesses can save thousands per year on their existing IT infrastructure as there is no need to purchase expensive server hardware or employ a large team of IT staff.

"Real Cloud hosting, revolutionary Virtual Data Centre by Intrahost."

High Availability from 2 pence per hour

Intrahost’s Virtual Data Centre self-healing cloud technology is available from 2pence per hour. If you are looking to save money and have the very best in hosting scalability, contact Intrahost today.

Call now on 0800 321 3812 you will be glad that you did.

Meet Intrahost's new HP virtual dedicated servers

We take a look at Intrahost's new HP DL360 G6 based virtual dedicated servers. UK-based and each with 72GB RAM these VDS are highly energy efficient and provide UK customers with a fast, green, cost-effective solution to their virtual dedicated server needs.

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What is Cloud Hosting or Cloud Computing?

Now there's an interesting question. I'm afraid to say that Clouding Hosting or Cloud Computing doesn't as yet have a clear definition. Most vendors that are selling cloud computing services (and there are very few as I type this post), are essentially providing a pool of resources, consisting of bandwidth, CPU time, memory and disk storage. This resource pool is then allocated as needed in the form of Virtual Machines, via a control panel. These VMs are then charged for on an hourly basis and used for whatever the user is looking to provision, including web applications and databases. Only time will crystalise the actual definition of cloud hosting, and by that time the marketing folk will have relabled it...

Colocation space running out

"The UK's data centres are filling up fast, but there are still pockets of space available", says Cairn Emmerson, Chairman of Intrahost. Many of the UK's data centres are finding that demand is outstripping supply, with many only offering a few U of rack space. Intrahost has only has twenty five 42U cabinets available across Hull, Leeds, Sheffield and Manchester data centres at the time of going to press.

"We are actually finding that many of our customers are looking to use our Virtual Private Servers as an alternative to colocation or dedicated servers. This provides them with a much greater capacity for growth, and addresses issues of rising utility costs", reports Cairn Emmerson.

Whilst new data centres are being constructed to fulfil the demand, it is likely that we will see a growing demand for virtualised servers over the next few years.